°AeroMouse innovative controls

Day by day, I found the time to analyze the problem.
I experimented the tecnology and the ergonomycs of the standard mouse and of other unusual types of command, like a standard trackball, an arcade joystick, a finger trackball...
And an answer arrived: probably the bug in the mouse family design is concentrated in the 'Click' section.
In fact, it's the click that blocks the fingers in a fixed, unnatural position.
The hand can move almost freely, but the fingers can't. They must always obey to the same commands: Up-Down, Press-Release, Click-DoubleClick.
The fingers do always the same, repetitive, work for all the time!
So, I needed to build a new control system forgetting the click command.
And so AeroMouse was born: the new system which controls the computer with motion only.
Using AeroMouse
>>> Hand & fingers with AeroMouse
In this animation we can see what happens during my usual work with AeroMouse.
The hand appears dynamic, soft and flexible, because its fingers often change position freely and spontaneously and, in addition, they have no command to transmit.
The fingergraph is a series of large, smooth waves, indicating a comfortable work.
That can maintain a general relaxed status in both the hand and the fingers.
There is to note that here the situation is opposite to what there was, regarding the standard mouse, in the previous animation. <<< Previous >>> Next