°AeroMouse innovative controls

After long computer works using a mouse, at a certain point I noted some stress in the hand which carried the controller.
At that point, I unconsciously proceeded to work with the same habit. So the stress increased. Until I had to stop for a while because of a terrible, sudden, pain in that hand.
Now, the question is: why did the mouse produce that problem in the hand? Would it be possible to invent a new, more comfortable, control system?
Using a standard mouse
>>> Hand & fingers with a standard mouse
In this animation we can see what happens during my usual work with a standard mouse.
The hand appears static, hard and rigid, because its fingers stay always in the same 'V' position and, in addition, they are stressed by the commands they have to transmit continuously, fastly and repetitively.
The "fingergraph" (which draws approximately the movement of the main finger) is nervous, sharp, full of cuts, confirming the stressing work.
That could produce, sooner or later, some pain in the crucial points (of muscles, tendons, bones and nerves) which govern the hand and the fingers. <<< Previous >>> Next